National Sandwich Month: Tybee’s Best Bites Between Bread

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National Sandwich Month: Tybee’s Best Bites Between Bread

You may not have known, but August just so happens to be National Sandwich Month. Established in 1952 by the Wheat Flour Institute, National Sandwich Month is a special celebration of sliced bread and the endless combinations of ingredients in between. A little history on the humble handheld, the sandwich takes its name from John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. Lore has it that Montagu loved gambling, so much so that he invented the portable meal in 1762 so that he wouldn’t have to leave the card table for dinner. He requested some roast beef between two pieces of bread and thus the sandwich was born. It is customary to celebrate National Sandwich Month with a delicious sandwich, of course. Several Tybee restaurants boast unique and toothsome sandwiches that you won’t soon forget. Head to these island eateries to enjoy some sensational sandwiches soon!

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Soft Shell Crab – not available on regular menu.

Bubba Gumbo’s

Bubba Gumbo’s is a longtime favorite for fresh local seafood, but the scope of their menu goes beyond traditional seafood plates — they also have several sandwiches available including bold burgers and more. All of their burgers are proudly made with Ga Cattle Co. beef. They also serve up fresh fish and crab cake sandwiches and a succulent shrimp po’ boy. And their Dirty Bird chicken sandwich doesn’t disappoint. 

sandwich tybee deck beach bar

The Deck

Tybee’s only oceanfront restaurant, The Deck Beach Bar and Kitchen has a range of satiating sandwiches that are as inventive as they are tasty. They’ve got a diverse line up of burgers, like their blackened chicken, shrimp and fried cobia burgers. For something a little more traditional, try the Deck burger, which features two angus patties topped with cheddar, bacon, rum bbq and chipotle aioli along with the classic lettuce, tomato and onion. Other sandwiches include their fried green tomato and the BLTA. 

Fannie’s On the Beach

Locals and tourists alike are big fans of Fannie’s for their flavorful food and funky atmosphere. You’ll find all of their sandwiches listed in the ‘Between the Buns’ section of their menu. Options include their fabulous shrimp burger, avocado chicken club, blackened mahi sandwich as well as oyster, fish and shrimp po’ boys. For beef buffs, they have a big angus burger and bbq bacon sliders. They also serve up a California-style Beyond burger for plant-based patrons. 

The Surfing Goat

The Surfing Goat is relatively new to Tybee’s dining scene, but they’ve garnered a following for their specialty steamer bagel sandwiches. They have an impressive lineup of brunch and lunch bagels that are creative and crave-worthy. Start your day with a fiery Morning Dew (egg, avocado, Inferno hot sauce and herbed cream cheese on a multigrain bagel) and venture into The Promised Land (turkey, bacon, Swiss cheese, spinach and pesto on an everything bagel) for lunch. You can also build your own bagel with toppings of your choice. 


You can’t have a sandwich list without including Zunzibar. Their award-winning sandwiches attract hungry patrons from near and far. One bite and you’ll see what all the hype is about. The Conquistador is immensely popular, featuring chicken, provolone and their specialty Zunzi’s Sauce and dressing. Carnivores will enjoy the Godfather, which combines chicken, smoked sausage and their distinctive Boerewors sausage, and they have a falafel sandwich for vegetarians and vegans. All of their stellar sandwiches are served on freshly baked bread. You can substitute it out for a lettuce wrap if you like, but then it wouldn’t really be a sandwich anymore, now would it?

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