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Whether you are eloping, planning a small private wedding or a grand affair with all your family and friends, a Tybee Island wedding is a simple, affordable and wonderful way to say “I do”. Tybee has certainly marked its place on the map as a wedding destination. With wonderful weather, gorgeous beaches and a laid back southern elegance, you can plan a wedding and a honeymoon in one, almost any time of year.

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Tybee Island Wedding Guidelines
Tybee Island is a beautiful place to hold a wedding or special event. Even though the . beach is public, there are many guidelines that need to be followed in order to preserve its natural splendor. To ensure that you have the best possible event, please follow and obey these laws and guidelines.

  • Dunes – The sand dunes around the beach are protected areas and are off limits to any foot traffic.
  • Signs – If you post a temporary sign directing your guests, please remove it immediately after the ceremony.
  • Footprints – Leave only your footprints. Do not leave arches, ribbons, bubble bottles, beverage containers, decorative stones or seashells behind. Also please do not use birdseed or rice. It is hazardous to our birds. Basically, if you bring it out to the beach, please take it with you after the event. Clean up after yourself and your guests.
  • Parking – Park in legal, designated parking spaces only. For bigger parties, shuttle buses should be contracted. Parking is enforced from 8am to 8pm year round.
  • Photography – Tybee’s beaches offer many natural and beautiful settings to pose for your wedding photos. Please obey the environmental rules when choosing a site (keep off the rock jetties, stay out of the dunes…)
  • Flowers – Artificial flowers or flower petals are not permitted on the beach (silk, plastic, nylon, etc.). Having a flower girl drop flower petals in the bride’s path is always a fun tradition to add to a wedding ceremony. Dropping artificial flower petals is littering. Please use REAL, un-dyed flower petals.
  • Marriage License – To obtain a Marriage License please contact the Chatham County Probate Court located in the Court House room #509 on Montgomery St. in Savannah, Georgia or call (912) 652-7267 or Fax: (912) 652-7262.


  • NO Fires on the beach!
  • NO Glass
  • NO Dogs
  • NO Motor Vehicles
  • NO release of helium balloons and/or Chinese lanterns


To schedule your event on the beach or in one of the City’s facilities, please contact Robyn Rosner, Facilities Coordinator via email at rrosner@cityoftybee.org, or telephone at (912) 472-5045.

A bride and groom standing on the beach.