Special Event Planning

Thank you for considering Tybee Island as your event location. We wish to ensure your experience and that of your guests/attendees is highly enjoyable and successful. Below is information that outlines the city’s process with applications that include guidelines necessary
to ensure your vision is carried out.
The City of Tybee Island’s staff has a professional, efficient approach to assisting organizers and production representatives with the permit processes.  It is advisable to contact the
staff person noted as you begin your planning.

Contact:  Facilities/Special Events Coordinator – Robyn Rosner, rrosner@cityoftybee.org912-472-5045

Beach Permits

A Beach Permit is needed for any type of activity beyond that of usual beachgoers taking place on the City of Tybee Island’s beach areas. The beach is a public area and the City is not permitted to reserve, block off, or make any area private from public access at any time. The City does not approve more than one permit in the same area at the same time.

Special Events

A special event application is required for an event that is open to the public (i.e. festival, parade, fireworks, race), and/or requires city services (i.e. parking, public safety needs, vending).  Consideration of special event applications is on a first come, first served basis and may take up to sixty (60) days.


Details are included within the following forms that must be completed and submitted for consideration:

The most recently updated list of City approved Special Events can be viewed here : City of Tybee Island Approved Special Events 

For marriage license information, please call 912-652-7267 or fax 912-652-7262 or visit the Chatham County Probate Court, which is located at the Courthouse (133 Montgomery St., Room 509, Savannah, GA 31401).


City of Tybee Island Facilities

Please see the Parks & Facilities page for details on City Facilities available for rental


Banner Permits
For non-profit organizations wishing to post a banner at one of the city’s banner locations, please complete and submit the following application no sooner than 90 days prior to the activity:
Film Productions

The City of Tybee Island requires persons engaged in filming, videotaping, motion picture production, and still photography that is for commercial use within city limits to obtain permission through the application process.  Use of the beach, a city park, and/or city owned building require a separate application (noted to the left) for approval. If you are filming on the beach you will need both a beach and film permit.  


The time frame for review and approval of request to undertake any production activity is dependent on the scope of activity.  

  Non-Commercial Production

The City has welcomed many motion picture, feature film and commercial production companies seeking an attractive community along the Georgia coast as a location over the past few decades.   Production companies have found Tybee to be the ideal beach town for their projects due to the variety of picturesque backdrops from our distinct downtown, vast marshes, historic neighborhoods, to the three-plus miles of breathtaking beach areas.  

Details and guidelines are included within the following form that must be completed and submitted for consideration:    

Applications are considered on a first come, first served basis and should not conflict with annual island events or activities, major holiday weekends, and times during “season” in which the island experiences high-peek numbers of visitors. Please note that Tybee Island’s “season” is continually expanding, beginning as early as President’s Day Weekend and not ending until as late as Thanksgiving.