Beach Accessibility – Mobi Mats

The City of Tybee wants everyone to be able to enjoy the beach! The beaches are being made more accommodating by featuring Mobi Mats at the end of several of the dune crossovers, and fat-tired wheelchairs are available at the Ocean Rescue HQ at the south beach near the ramp up to the Pier and Pavilion off the end of Tybrisa Street. If you need to check availability of one of these wheel chairs before heading to the beach, you can check in with the lifeguards at 912-786-4573, ext. 119.

Mobi Mats provide a hard surface for wheelchairs. Our Mobi Mats are being extended from the end of the dune cross-over out to the hard sand at the high water mark, which will allow for even more mobility up and down the beach, especially with our beach wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are made to be easy to get into and out of and are built with fat, plastic tires to keep them from sinking into the sand. Our Triolo chair even floats! To check out the chairs, you will need a valid photo ID, and we ask that you fill out a survey to help us determine how and when the chairs are being used.

A wooden boardwalk leading to the beach.

The Mobi Mats are located at:

North Beach Mid-Lot Cross-over

Second Avenue Cross-over (East Gate) (currently not-available)

16th Street Cross-over

A map showing the location of a small town.