Winter on Tybee

A dirt road leading to a body of water at sunset.

7 Things to Do this Winter on Tybee

You don’t need a forecast to tell you that things are starting to cool way down. Although the solstice is still more than a week away, we can go ahead and agree that winter is pretty much here. While temperatures across the country may dip below freezing, Southeastern winters remain pretty tolerable. Life on the island is still just as comfortable and relaxing as it is at any other time of year. You may not want to go out for a swim or sunbathe on the beach, but Tybee still has a whole lot to offer during the cooler months. If your sector of the country is freezing over right about now, come down to the island and enjoy the considerably warmer weather. Here’s just a few fun things you can do this winter on Tybee.

Take advantage of off-season specials.

Resort towns and beach communities are bustling with visitors during the warmer months. But if seclusion and tranquility are important to you, it’s best you visit Tybee during the off-season. Several of the island’s premier hotelsB&B and rentals are offering special discounted rates all winter long. Stay in Don’t miss out on these spectacular deals. Check out the current offerings and book your winter stay soon.

See a show at the Tybee Post Theatre.

The Tybee Post Theatre is the number one place for live entertainment on Tybee. Be it a play, a concert or a film screening, there’s always something good coming to the stage at the theatre. And this sentiment holds true all year long; the cooler months are no different. See talented musicians and performers from near and far take the stage this season. Be sure to visit the event calendar to see what winter has in store at the Post.

Bike McQueen’s Island Trail.

On Tybee, the cooler weather isn’t cold enough to bar you from the great outdoors. Rent a bike from Fat Tire Bikes & Repairs or Tim’s Bikes and Beach Gear and enjoy a relaxing ride down the six-mile stretch of coastal beauty and history. Cyclists are routinely stunned by the trail’s captivating imagery. A variety of unique flora and fauna can be spotted along the ride. And with the summer crowds long gone, you can relish a quiet and peaceful encounter with nature.

Check out Tybee’s migratory guests.

Throughout the year, Tybee is a coastal sanctuary for dozens of avian species, but the best time of year to spot several of the island’s flying friends is definitely during the winter. Quite a few bird species migrate to Tybee for the winter to escape the cold weather up North. In addition to our year-round residents, birdwatchers can expect to see Sanderlings, Turnstones, Dunlins, Knots, Willets and Plovers ashore during the winter. The best place to view these feathered beauties on the island is near the lighthouse at the North Beach Birding Trail.

Get creative at the Tybee Arts Association.

There’s a midwinter sweet spot just after the holiday season but well before spring fever settles in that lends itself to introspection and renewed ambitions. It starts around the time you really settle in with the idea of a new year. This is a great time to let your right brain flourish. Even if you can’t draw anything beyond a stick figure, that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a healthy dose of art therapy. The Tybee Arts Association is a great place to get creative this winter on the island. TAA hosts shows, classes and workshops all throughout the calendar year for artists and art-lovers. All skill levels are encouraged to partake in the events at this inclusive and inventive space. Check out TAA’s event calendar to see what piques your artistic interests.

Go fish.

Tybee is a fisherman’s paradise 24/7, but island anglers look forward to the aquatic winter harvest each year. The cooler weather brings a bounty of fish to Tybee’s waterways making it a great time of year to cast your lines and dip your nets. Sizable trout, redfish and flounder are abundant this season, and Tybee has several fishing charters that would love to take you out on the water if you don’t want to go it alone.

Run a marathon.

Warm up your winter by getting active. A perfect opportunity to do so awaits. On February 3rd, the island will host the Critz Tybee Run Fest. This annual event is a great way to get out and get moving this winter. With five races to choose from, you’re sure to find an option that suits you. Run one or run them all – walking is welcome too by the way. Visit the Critz Tybee Run Fest site to register for this fun wintertime event.

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