Where to Get Creative

A man holding a painting easel.

Where to Get Creative on Tybee

Tybee Island isn’t just a prime destination for surfers, vacationers and retirees, the pristine barrier isle is a great place for creative minds too. The island’s natural beauty alone sparks the imagination, but Tybee has a whole lot more to offer in terms of creative places and spaces. Whether you’re an artist, a maker, a writer or any other kind of innovator, inspiration abounds on Tybee. If you’re looking for your next muse or simply want to commune with like-minded people, head to these venues for your creative fix.

Tybee Arts Association

The art scene on Tybee is so vibrant that there’s an entire nonprofit organization dedicated to it. The Tybee Arts Association is your one-stop shop for artistic innovation on the island. With everything from jewelry-making and fiber art to studio painting and theatre camp, TAA has a class for every kind of artist. Originators of all skill levels are encouraged to join the TAA family, and membership comes with special perks of its own. Be sure to check out the event calendar for the latest on upcoming classes, shows, auditions and events.

Tybee Post Theater

Sometimes watching a live dramatic performance or seeing gifted musicians share their craft on stage is all that’s needed to get the creative juices coursing through your veins. Anyone who’s inspired by a good show is certain to find the spark they need at Tybee Post Theater. The historic theater first served US soldiers as a movie house in the 1930s, and today it remains as a hallmark of the Tybee community’s love of the performing arts. Live musical performances, film screenings and comedy shows frequent the Tybee Post Theater stage. Visit the theater’s event page to see what’s coming to the stage next.

Fish Art Gallerie

Located on Highway 80 just as you enter the island, Fish Art Gallerie is a maker’s dream. The unconventional art ‘gallerie’ vends an eclectic variety of local art pieces, odd treasures and well-kept antiques – it’s also a collector’s dream, by the way. Sift through the bounty, and you’re sure to find something that’ll get those creative wheels turning. Jewelry-makers, steam punk people, furniture flippers and more can have their fill at Fish Art Gallerie. Be sure to follow the gallery on Facebook to stay afloat on the latest catch.

Tybee Cottage Art Gallery

At Tybee Cottage Art Gallery, you can get your creative inspiration from the artists themselves. Unlike others on the island, Tybee Cottage Art Gallery is a cooperative run by the local and regional artists whose works adorn the gallery walls. Meeting the artists and joining the cooperative is a great way to get your own work out there while making valuable connections in the Lowcountry art scene. Stop by the gallery soon – they’re on Highway 80 – and follow the co-op on Facebook.

Tybean Art & Coffee Bar

Everyone knows the local coffee shop is the epicenter of creative work. Artists, authors, photographers and more gather with laptops and notepads in hand around a warm cup of coffee to jolt their aesthetic sensibilities. On the island, Tybean Art & Coffee Bar is this creative mecca. The coffee house doubles as an art gallery, displaying inspired works on the shop walls that are available for purchase. Tybean is another great venue to get your artwork to the public, especially if you’re just starting out. Being local is essentially the only requirement. Enjoy a flavorful café drink and connect with other artists and creative thinkers on the island. Plus with a chance to sell your own works, Tybean is the place to be.

The beaches

Nature is the first muse. Perfect in form and vast in beauty, nature has the unique ability to inspire and ground us in fundamental ways. It goes without saying that Tybee is abundant with natural beauty. The island’s beaches – North Beach, South Beach, Mid Island, Back River Beach and Savannah River Beach – each offer a unique and awe-striking sensory experience. Whether you want to paint, draw, write, make music or exercise any other form of art, the sights, scents and sounds of the ocean are all that’s needed to get you going.

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