Where to Enjoy Creativity on the Coast


Where to Enjoy Creativity on the Coast 

In addition to being the start of the New Year, January is International Creativity Month. It’s a special time to celebrate ingenuity, originality and expressiveness. International Creativity Month is about thinking outside of the box and finding innovative solutions to new problems. Tybee is teeming with creativity, offering plenty of inspiration with its sandy shores and eclectic shops. If you want to get the creative juices flowing, here are a few places to visit soon. 

Tybee Arts Association 

The Tybee Arts Association is THE place to enjoy artistic innovation on the island. The organization invites the local community to explore and engage with the arts, providing a variety of classes, workshops and events. TAA offers visual arts like basic drawing as well as performing arts like theater and dance, so there’s something for everyone. Check out their event calendar to find out about upcoming classes and events.  

Glazed and Confused 

If you like to be hands-on activities, pay a visit to Glazed and Confused. This Paint-Your-Own Pottery Studio is a great place to create a one-of-a-kind artwork of your own. There are more than 100 items to paint and new inventory is always coming in. Glazed and Confused is fun for artists of all ages and abilities. Walk-ins are welcome or you can book a party, either way you’re sure to enjoy yourself while letting your creativity flourish at this island studio. 

Tybee Yoga and Healing Arts 

For those kinetically inclined, movement is the preferred mode of expression. If that sounds like you, consider taking a class with Tybee Yoga and Healing Arts. They offer several yoga classes and the great thing is that they come to you. Tybee Yoga and Healing Arts isn’t relegated to a brick and mortar store. Rather, they’ll meet you on the island. You can choose to have your class at the beach, a local park or a vacation rental or office. Wherever you decide to meet, this mobile yoga studio will get your energy and creativity flowing.  

The Beaches 

Nature is a prime source of inspiration when it comes to creativity. Artists of every inclination and skill level flock to the beach to enjoy its beauty and tranquility, drawing inspiration for their creative works. The beach is the perfect muse. So, if you want to draw, write, dance, paint or embark upon any other creative endeavor, the beach is a complementary and compelling environment for such activities. You can focus on the sensory appeals, taking in the sights, scents and sounds of the coastal environment. Oftentimes, the beach can ignite your creative spark, so spend a spell on the shores soon.  

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