Where to Eat Plant-Based on Tybee

where to eat plant based vegan

With Thanksgiving behind us and the winter holidays ahead, lots of people may be worried about packing on the pounds during this time of the year. The holiday season is defined in part by food: Thanksgiving turkeys, holiday hams, Christmas cookies and the like. Changing your diet to incorporate more plant-based options could be a good way to cut back on your caloric intake. Replacing even one meaty meal a day with a vegan option can help you avoid overindulging during the holidays and beyond. If you’re wondering where to get palate-pleasing plant-based plates on Tybee, you’re in for a treat. Here are a few fine restaurants where you can enjoy vegan options on the island.  

The Deck Beach Bar & Kitchen 

The Deck Beach Bar & Kitchen has quite a few vegan options that are worth trying. Their Tybee Salad features fresh mixed greens served with tropical fruits, radish, pickled onions and a citrus vinaigrette. They also have a tasty Avocado Toast with tomato, arugula and pepitas that can be made vegan without the queso fresco. And you can’t go wrong with their BLTA – you can sub the ‘B’ for smoked tempeh. You can also order their delicious T-Street Tacos with tempeh. You’ll get crispy corn tortillas, red cabbage slaw, salsa verde, mango salsa, cilantro and coconut rice. You can hold the queso-fresco to make it vegan as well.  

Sea Wolf Tybee 

You’ll be delighted to find an appetizing array of vegan plates at Sea Wolf Tybee. For starters, they offer their Dips & Pickles, which comes with orange ginger hummus, truffle oil, chili sweet potato dip and pickles. Their Johnny Cakes entree is another excellent option, which features wild mushroom gravy, festbier, asparagus, onions, cashew parmesan and parsley. For a lighter bite, try the Roasted Cauliflower served with Italian pickled veggies, oregano, cashew parm and oregano. And if you want something meat reminiscent, go for their Phoenix Dog, which is a Beyond brat with salted tofu, basil, heirloom tomatoes, balsamic and parsley. Keep in mind that Sea Wolf offers a seasonal menu, so check online for the latest offerings.  

plant based vegan

Raw Ingredients 

One of Tybee’s top spots for satiating sushi and sake, Raw Ingredients has been serving up tasty rolls on the island since 2016. They have several vegan items on the menu that are flavorful and filling. Start with Seaweed or Ginger Salad or some crispy Tempura Sweet Potato. Follow with a plant-based sushi roll. They have simple rolls like the Cucumber, Avocado or Asparagus Rolls. They also offer classic rolls like the Veggie Roll, which comes with spinach, cucumber, avocado, inari and pickled radish. And if you’re feeling adventurous, go for a specialty roll like the Honeysuckle Roll. It’s filled with tempura sweet potato and avocado and topped with inari. You also have the option to create your own roll with your choice of plant-based ingredients.  

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Mi Vida 

Mi Vida is the island’s premier juice bar, serving up cold-pressed juices to cleanse the body and support health and wellness. Not only are all of their juices vegan, they’re made with sustainable, organic ingredients, so you know that what you’re consuming is high quality. In addition to the juices, Mi Vida also sells breakfast bowls, toasts, sandwiches and salads, many of which are plant-based. The Acai, Dragon Fruit and Blue Spirulina Bowls don’t disappoint. And if those don’t float your boat you can also build your own. Other vegan menu items include their Avocado Toast and the Almond Toast, as well as the Vegan Sandwich, which comes with chickpea frittata, olive tapenade, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, avocado, tzatziki and micro greens. Mi Vida isn’t just about ensuring the health of the people they serve. They also care about the health of the planet, which is why they’re a zero waste brand. So, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or an omnivore, you can feel good about eating at Mi Vida.  

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