Four pictures of people on the beach with sand in their hands.

Here’s a fun question …

What kind of traveler are you?

originally posted via Tybee Vacation Rentals

1.The Solo Adventurer
Traveling alone is not and will never be a problem for you! It’s too easy for you to pack a quick bag, full of go-to travel gear, and hit the road. Whether you become a tourist in your own city or you venture off to new turf, you’re always up for a new adventure and discovering something new.

2.The Thorough Planner
Your motto: better to know ahead of time, than not know soon enough. Your travel notebook is never too far from you. It’s filled with perfect budget and cost calculations, daily itineraries and pro travel tips. You tend to be the most prepared traveler and you always have a solution for problems that may arise!

3.The Collector
You’ve done a great deal of traveling and you’ve got the ‘goods’ to prove it. The phrase “pack lightly” is not foreign to you because it allows you to return home with a bag full of treasures. From unique finds, like a reproduction of the “Bird Girl Statue” at the Telfair Museum gift shop, to traditional touristy things like a “Tybee Island” t-shirt from a local boutique shop.

4.The Chatty Traveler
You’re never alone because you make friends wherever you go. You aren’t afraid to break the ice and start a friendly conversation over local hotspots or your favorite genre of music. It’s common for you to have connections all over the world, and a great story to go along with them! And the best thing about having friends in odd places … you’ll always have somewhere to lodge!

5.The Photographer
Quick, smile for the camera! As a photo seeker, you have the greatest ability to find the perfect lighting for every picture. Some of your crew might get annoyed with your need to capture every moment, everywhere. But hey, it’s better to have a photo worth remembering than no photo at all right? So go ahead, snap away!

6.The Touristy Traveler
Grab a guide book and hit all of the well-known hotspots and traveler favorites! You love the local travel guides with clear directions. Find a travel guide and explore the destination just the way you read about it in the travel pamphlet!

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