Unspoken Beach Rules

A group of people on a beach near a lighthouse.

Unspoken Beach Rules

Going to the beach is pretty much the best part of a summer vacation. Everyone is relaxed and having a great time. But wait…why are people staring at you like you’ve suddenly grown a third eyeball? Why are people muttering under their breath and scooching their chairs and towels as far from you as humanly possible? What could you have possibly done to earn such hateful stares.  Let’s find out, shall we with our Unspoken Beach Rules for Tybee Island.

Sure..They look all sweet and innocent.

A very common beach faux pas is forgetting to remove those flip flops when your feet hit that loose sand. If the beach is already crowded and you have to walk around sunbathers to find that perfect spot to set up, chances are your cute little beach flops are going to flip some sand all over their well oiled bodies. Or get sand in their eyes, up their noses, in their drinks…etc. Just take them off when you get off the boardwalk.


Did you know that sound travels really well by the water? I’m all for bringing some tunes but if you are camped out next to the Church Lady and her home schooled grand kids you might want to leave the explicit stuff at home. Which reminds me… PDA’s. You know, Public Displays of Affection. I am happy that you are feeling all romantic at the beach but nobody wants to see that, ok?

I sense sand in my drink in, three….two…one…

How about setting up camp at the beach? How does one go about doing that? If at all possible try and not do it too close to other people. Give other humans some room, especially if you have kids and they don’t . Remember that people go to the beach to get away from it all.  This may include you. And if you bring children, try not to let your’s fling sand, mud, water, or whatever on other beach goers..please.

We gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now…

Don’t loudly announce that you have to pee and then run for the ocean. I know everyone does it but no one wants to think about swimming in it.  It’s unnerving and makes people speculate on what else might be floating out there. Don’t scream shark either…unless you really see one. That is totally not cute at all.


Also, please don’t shake your towels and beach umbrellas where anyone else is sitting. It’s a beach, it’s sandy, but flying sand really is no fun at all. And another thing, drinking at the beach is fun but being drunk and gross is a completely different story. Try and remember you are sharing this area with others and to be respectful. Oh yeah, if you smoke, pick those butts up! It is rude to leave them on the beach and harmful to the marine life too. Actually, be sure to pick up all your trash. Thanks.

ha ha ha!!! you’re next pal

One last thing but maybe the most important. Those seagulls sure are cute, aren’t they? You think they look a little hungry? Maybe you should feed them some chips…Wrong! This is a fun activity when the beach is pretty empty but on a typical sunny, summer day the results of just a few snacks and some seagulls can become tragic. Surprise bird poop is never a good time. Ever.

These unspoken beach rules are mainly just common courtesy and certainly don’t take away from having a great time. The best way to make sure that you aren’t being a donkey at the beach is to act with common sense and to be respectful of the other people enjoying their day! 🙂

Featured Image Photo Credit: Beach Bummin’ in Tybee Island Georgia 

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