What to do on Tybee Rainy Days

Two people walking on a beach with umbrellas.

It happened again!  You pack up the family and take the trip to Tybee that everyone’s been all excited about, only to have your plans ruined by nature. Forget enjoying a beautiful, sunny day! Instead, you get rain, grey skies, or maybe just cold, damp, nastiness.

Do not despair. It never seems to rain for an extended period of time on Tybee and there are plenty of rainy day activities to do while the weather is less than desirable.

Take advantage of the yucky weather and go shopping. Tybee has many fabulous beach boutiques to explore. Be sure to stop by Seaside Sisters, Tybee’s shore thing when it comes to home décor, furniture, original art, books, women’s accessories and more! Enjoy exploring the unusual? Visit Ralph Douglas Jones’ Fish Art. This eclectic store is full of one of a kind pieces that will make a dramatic impact in your home decor.

The Tybee Marine Science Center is the best place to learn about our amazing barrier island. Explore exhibits, meet some creatures, drop-in for a program and learn all about the local flora, fauna, and habitat. It is open every day from 10-5 pm. The Tybee Island Lighthouse is located on the north end of the island and is one of America’s most intact- having all of its historic support buildings on its five-acre site. It is open to the public every day but Tuesday from 9:00am to 4:30pm.

You will not want to miss the Gallery on 80. This is a unique new Signature Gallery showcasing the award-winning artist Debbie Brady Robinson, and a custom frame shop with thousands of custom framing options, fine art giclee’ printing services and more… this gallery is the highlight of Tybee Island! 

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