Tybee Business Spotlight: DeSoto Beach Properties

A pool at a hotel near the beach.

Everyone knows that the right resting place is an integral part to the success of any vacation. And between family getaways, lovers’ retreats, friendship trips and solo staycations, booking the best billeting to accommodate your unique needs can be a major migraine-inducer. Fortunately, any escape to Tybee island can be as easy-going as the locals are thanks to a certain mainstay in island’s hospitality scene. DeSoto Beach Properties has been putting the vacation in vacation-planning since 1999 with their impressive collection of beautiful – and affordable – rental properties. Between their award-winning hotel, their romantic B&B and their diverse vacation rentals, this family-owned and operated company has the perfect place

Nothing says luxury like having options, and DeSoto Beach Properties makes a whole host of options available to you for your Tybee Island stay. But no need to fear option-overload, the company’s friendly and knowledgeable staff will pair you with the most appropriate property for your needs. Quality is standard across all the DeSoto properties, so you’re in for some of the most comfortable and relaxing nights to be had wherever you choose to stay.
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Ultimately, finding the right accommodation comes down to your needs and preferences. If a traditional lodging setting suits your trip needs, then the DeSoto Beach Hotel is the best option for you. The original DeSoto was built in 1939, the historic marvel attracted guests for decades with its beautiful architecture, lush gardens and coveted amenities. Today’s DeSoto Beach Hotel strikes a delicate balance, drawing the best from every era of the storied hotel and adding an exciting, modern spin. Did I mention it’s also Tybee’s only beachfront hotel?

For a sheltered site with classic Southern charm, book your stay at the DeSoto Beach Bed and Breakfast. With one king suite and two queen rooms, the B&B is perfect for couples who appreciate decadent breakfasts and quiet time spent together on a private balcony overlooking the ocean. Groups of four to eight who prefer the seclusion of a private home will find a fitting property between the DeSoto Beach Terraces, Bungalows and Garden Suites. And larger parties of up to 13 or 14 can enjoy the spacious Admiral’s View or Officer’s View townhomes respectively. Each DeSoto property boasts picturesque décor, breathtaking views, beach proximity and swimming pool access too, so you’ll have everything you need and more to get the most out of your Tybee vacation.

These premier properties really advertise themselves, but on the off chance that you need a little more convincing to book your stay – although I’m sure you don’t – you can thank owner Greg Stoeffler for the generous, and exclusive, Discover Tybee offer: Use promo code DTYB for 15% off your entire stay at any one of the company’s 7 unique island properties. You simply won’t find another deal that awesome anywhere else. Visit Desoto Beach Properties online and follow the rental company on social media for upcoming deals. And, be sure to stay tuned for the latest about a special acquisition; the company is in the process of adding another prized property to its all-star lineup, affording vacationers the benefit of even more sites to spend their stay.

DeSoto Beach Properties has earned a reputation throughout the region for luxe accommodations, seemingly-endless amenities and excellent service. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of staying in one of the DeSoto properties, you have yet to experience Tybee’s heart of hospitality. There’s never a bad time for a vacation. Let DeSoto Beach Properties treat you to a well-deserved dose of rest and relaxation, island-style. Reserve your dream rental today!

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