Tybee Business Spotlight: Coco’s Sunset Grille

A boat docked in the water with the sun setting behind it.

Tybee Business Spotlight: Coco’s Sunset Grille

Named for a lovely little monkey who relished West Tybee’s breathtaking sunsets, Cocos Sunset Grille has been serving seafood lovers with the freshest local fare since Spring 2011. Almost 6 years later, Coco’s still delights diners with its laidback atmosphere and friendly service. Tybee residents and wayfarers alike celebrate the festive island grille for its house-made recipes and unique marina views. Coco’s Sunset Grille is nestled in the marshlands of Lazaretto Creek where shrimp boats sail to and fro, bringing the daily bounty back to Coco’s kitchen.

Owner Tracy McMahon believes that this strategic position is what sets Coco’s apart from other seafood eateries on the island: “We’re located at the foot of the shrimp docks – hard to get any fresher than that!”

Since the tastiest shrimps in all the island live right at Coco’s doorstep, you’re in for a finger-lickin’ feast if you order any dish with these perfect prawns in the starring role. The Grilled Shrimp and Scallops is Coco’s most popular dish, and the house-made Shrimp Cakes are a fan-favorite too. The shrimp love even extends to Coco’s well-stocked bar. Tracy recommends the house Bloody Mary, lovingly-made with a specialty mix and garnished with pickled shrimp, both of which are family recipes.

If you’re not too fond of shrimp, or have adverse reactions to seafood, Cocos Sunset Grille offers several land-based dishes that are sure to satisfy even the most particular palates. Coco’s is championed for their award-winning chicken wings. They come in a variety of creative flavors including Caribbean Jerk, Honey Sriracha and Hot as Hell – for those of whom ‘Hot’ simply doesn’t do it. And their diverse lineup of soups, salads, sandwiches and specialties features toothsome fusions that’ll make your meal one to remember. Whether you prefer classic Americana, Caribbean flair or Southwestern flavors, there truly is something for everyone at Coco’s.

While Coco’s food is the reason to come, all the fun is the reason to stay. Weekdays that start with the letter ‘t’ are always a good time at Coco’s. Trivia Tuesday and Tapas Thursday are two good reasons to become restaurant regulars. And, Coco the monkey knows how to throw a proper shindig. The island eatery hosts several special events throughout the year with live performers that aren’t to be missed. Coming up on January 28th, the grille will hold its 6th annual Margaritaville Party hosted by none other than ‘the One-Man Island Band’, Savannah Steve. With their famous Cocoritas flowing, the party is set to be just as awesome as it sounds. Be sure to follow Coco’s Sunset Grille on social media to get the scoop on upcoming events and more.

It’s crystal clear now that Coco’s is the place to be for great food and great fun, but the most compelling reason to make your way to this beloved island grille is in the namesake. And, while he’s certainly a cute and accommodating host – I don’t mean Coco. The restaurant’s perch in Lazaretto Creek isn’t just prime territory for fresh seafood, it’s definitively one of the best places to watch the sunset in all of Tybee. In continuation of the tradition Coco and his friends started so long ago, each day at the grille, staff and patrons pause and raise a toast to the spectacular sunset view. This is Coco’s finest appeal: the special chance, with a cool cocktail in hand, to sit back with friends and watch in quiet wonder as the flaming sun makes its grand descent below the horizon.

Cocos Sunset Grille

Address: Old US Hwy 80, Tybee Island, GA 31328
Phone: (912) 786-7810
Website: cocostybee.com
Social Media: FacebookInstagramTwitter: @cocostybee

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