Treat Yo’Self: Where to Indulge in Self-Care on Tybee 

self care

September is a lot of things. It brings the beginning of fall, marks the start of tailgate season, and comes with many seasonal festivities happening throughout the Coastal Empire. You’re probably familiar with all of those things, but what you may not know is that September is also Self-Care Awareness Month. It’s a special opportunity to prioritize your own holistic health. Self-care can take several forms, be it physical, mental, spiritual, social or emotional. Whatever self-care looks like for you, set aside some time this month to look out for number one. At the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got anyways. Making an effort to promote and preserve a healthy self will serve you – and those around you – well. If you need a little direction, here’s a curated list of places where you can indulge in self-care on the island.  


Tybee Yoga and Healing Arts 

Practiced around the world for centuries, yoga is a tried-and-true method that can help restore balance, mentally, physically and spiritually. Tybee Yoga and Healing Arts is a great place to get centered as you care for yourself. They offer yoga, workshops, singing bowls, meditation classes and a variety of yoga classes that are suitable for all walks of life.  

Tybee Beach Massage 

Nothing says self-care like a nice, relaxing massage. Let stress melt away as a licensed masseuse manipulates your muscles in the serene setting of the beach. Sounds good right? Then book your session this September with Tybee Beach Massage. Choose from one of their many soothing massage experiences and prepare to experience unparalleled rejuvenation and relaxation.   

Kelly & Company  

Essential oils have gained popularity over the last several years for their calming, comforting qualities. Our sense of smell has a huge impact on the mind and aromatherapy offers a lot of mental health benefits. Beyond the mind, essential oils also have many physical and spiritual uses. Whether you’re making a tonic to beautify the skin or using aromatherapy to ground the spirit, essential oils will be of great assistance. Kelly & Company offers ‘an essential oil experience,’ vending high-quality oils to suit your needs. Check out their Etsy shop to see their full range of products.  

Tybee Wellness Retreats 

Need an escape? Plan a holistic health getaway with Tybee Wellness Retreats. Their four-day retreats promote a calm mind, healthy body and renewed spirit. The retreats include classes in yoga, reiki and art from professional trained experts. The packages also include beautiful beach lodging and delicious meals from a private chef. If life’s stressors are becoming overbearing, break away and reset with a restorative retreat on Tybee.   

Tybee Salt Spa

Tybee Salt Spa located at Beachview Inn is Tybee’s only all inclusive lodging! With 13 rooms to choose from all you need to do is pack your suitcase and hop on a plane and they will take care of the rest.  Beach chairs, bicycles, beach towels, and rum punch!  Homemade breakfast at Java & Juice included in your stay. The Salt Spa features a brand new salt spa, Facials, Waxing, Steam Room, Infrared Sauna, and Dry Sauna plus relaxation room. 

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