Tybee Business Spotlight: The Surfing Goat

the surfing goat

Tybee Business Spotlight: The Surfing Goat 

Bringing steamer bagels, specialty coffee, and a relaxed, rocker vibe to Tybee 

Having opened its doors at the tail end of 2022, The Surfing Goat is Tybee’s newest coffee shop and bagel bar. Owner Michael Hall drew inspiration from two of his favorite college hangouts in Ohio, Donkey Coffee and Bagel Street Deli, combining the concepts into one buzz-worthy business based here on the island.  

The Surfing Goat serves up specialty coffee drinks and signature steamer bagel sandwiches. Their bagels are toasted and steamed resulting in a super satisfying crispy-on-the-inside yet soft-on-the-outside bite. They offer inventive options for breakfast and lunch with menu items for vegetarians and omnivores alike.     

You might be wondering how this burgeoning bagel bar got its quirky name. Well, it’s a reference to one of Hall’s favorite musicians. 

“So my wife and I are really big Billy Strings fans, and all of his fans are called ‘billy goats’ because of his name. And so, we just thought The Surfing Goat would be kind of neat,” he explained. 

The restaurant includes many allusions to popular jam bands like The Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, the Allman Brothers and others. Menu items like the Hellbender and the Reuben and Cherise are named after popular Billy Strings and Jerry Garcia Band songs, respectively. The referential menu items are one of several qualities that set The Surfing Goat apart.  

“It’s definitely very unique compared to the other coffee shops. I don’t think there’s another place that is serving fresh bagels that are delivered four days weekly. Nobody’s doing steamer bagels. . . And I think the atmosphere is definitely different than anywhere else,” said Hall.  

Another point of distinction is that they also carry elusive Dr. Brown’s Sodas and Dirty Kettle Chips.  

Since opening, The Surfing Goat has enjoyed a very warm reception, and Hall is grateful to have the support of the Tybee community behind him. 

“[Business] has been really good! I’m very happy and blown away with the support of the local community. It’s really nice to see the locals coming out and having repeat customers come over. I really couldn’t ask for more,” he beamed.  

Excited for the future, Hall welcomes everyone to come and see what The Surfing Goat is all about: 

“I just want to invite everybody to come out. I’m really excited about it. I think that it’s going to hopefully be a staple of Tybee for breakfast and lunch. . .  We’re really glad to be on Tybee and we look forward to seeing everybody for some coffee and bagels!”  

The Surfing Goat is located at 15 #B Tybrisa Street. Check them out on Facebook at facebook.com/thesurfinggoattybee for the menu and latest updates. 

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