The Inshore Grouper Bite Plight!

Two boys standing on a boat holding a Grouper.

Why does everybody love fishing? You really never know what you might catch in Savannah, Georgia. In this case while inshore fishing with a small piece of shrimp Ian caught this very juvenile gag grouper!

Ian Bogardus (holding baby gag grouper) and his brother Parker!

Just so you offshore fishers will know this fish was safely and quickly released back to the wild! And from information gathered and from my own personal computing here’s what I think I know! This grouper is about 9 months old and it feeds mainly around inshore oyster reefs feeding on small shrimp and other creatures. (At 4 months they are only around 5
inches long!) Once reaching 16 inches they take an easterly heading toward offshore. At this time they look for a suitable place to hang until they spawn. At 5 years old they most likely have reached 32 inches and are still supposedly females. Then, somewhere around their 11th year that reaches around 42 inches and turns into
males. And now you know some of the rest of the grouper’s story! But if you would like being more in the grouper know or even being part of a project read information below!

We are currently looking for commercial, for-hire, and recreational fishermen to participate in a project. To join the project, contact Julia Byrd ( or 843-302-8439).

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