Thanksgiving on Tybee

A happy thanksgiving card with a starfish in the sand.

Tired of spending Thanksgiving alone or with relatives you’d rather not claim? Why be miserable when you can spend Thanksgiving at the beach? Holidays can be stressful, there are siblings that do so much better than you financially, obnoxious nieces and nephews, an aunt that loves to tell you how much weight you’ve gained…these people are horrible to eat a meal with. In fact, it could turn your Thanksgiving Dinner into something like this:

I guess you could just stay in by yourself, with Mr. Frisky, and heat up your Thanksgiving inspired TV dinner. Maybe catch up on all those happy holiday specials you used to watch as a child when the world was still a magical place, not boring and monotonous…

Lonely, party of 1, your table is ready.

Feeling depressed yet? Well, you can change this. All you have to do is come out to Tybee for Thanksgiving. It’s simple, really.  Break the same boring old family traditions and come out to the beach to enjoy some sun, sand, and surf before it gets cold.  There are several local restaurants and bars open for the holiday.

Mr. Frisky may appear like he loves you but he’s a cat, so he doesn’t.

Since this is the off season, you can be assured that your accommodations will be priced just right. Imagine, spending Thanksgiving in a peaceful beach cottage,  the smell of salt air, and absolutely zero “cares” given.

The saddest smell on Thanksgiving, a microwavable turkey dinner.

So ditch the holiday awkwardness and spend your Thanksgiving on Tybee. Who wants lame apple cider at your Aunt Muriel’s house when you can be enjoying a margarita on the beach?

Happy Holidays,


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