Surviving Beach Bum Parade

A group of people playing with water guns on a street.

Surviving Beach Bum Parade

The annual Tybee Beach Bum Parade will take place on Friday, May 20, 2022. This FREE event is a favorite with both locals and visitors to Tybee Island. The parade goes all the way down Butler Avenue and features an island-wide water fight! Kids love it and so do adults who have maintained their sense of humor. The parade officially begins at 6:30 but it gets a little wet even before then. If you plan on being on Tybee for Beach Bum, take note of these supplies you should bring and these rules that should be followed.

Beach Bum Parade Supplies:

Water Guns

From military-esque home-use water cannons, to high-pressure cleaning rifles, the water arms race has spiraled wonderfully out of control since you last picked up a Nerf water gun and committed your first H2O-based atrocities. These bad boys are an integral part of the Beach Bum Parade and I suggest you bring at least 1 per person in your group.


That should really go without saying but you are going to get really wet. So is your stuff. If you aren’t staying on the Island, be prepared for a damp car ride home.

Extra Water

Maybe fill up a cooler with a backup supply if you aren’t stationed near an accessible water source.

Bathing Suits & Extra Clothes



1. No Bleach Water

2. No Ice Water

3. No Pressure Washers

4. No Throwing Water Balloons and Buckets at People

5. Don’t squirt the cops. It makes them mad.

beach bum parade


1. When driving on and off Tybee during The Beach Bum Celebration keep your windows rolled up.

2. Pack your cameras, phones, or anything else electronic somewhere dry. They will get ruined. Ziploc Bags are awesome!

3. Bring snacks that don’t get gross if they get wet. Fruit?

4. Don’t squirt people that don’t look happy.

5. Watch your kids carefully. It gets rowdy on the south end. If you have small children I would stick to mid island.

6. If you don’t like to get wet, this is not what you are going to want to do. Plain & Simple!

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