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Souvenirs to Take Back from Your Trip to Tybee

by Chantel Baul

It’s a sad but true fact of life: Every vacation must come to an end. This very reality is what motivates us to snap picture after picture for our photo books and Instagrams. We want to hold on to the memories we make during the special trips and getaways we share with family and friends. And we definitely don’t want to lose the cathartic benefits of our vay-kays once we’re back to the grind. So we memorialize our excursions in images, in conversations and reveries that can be revisited any time. One more way we do this is with souvenirs and tchotchkes. These trinkets and gifts we pick up along the way are physical manifestations of fun times had, reminding us that paradise is only a little time and space away. If you want to find the perfect pieces celebrating your Tybee Island getaway for years to come, here’s some of the best souvenirs on the island to help you do just that.

Photo from Seaside Sisters

A Nautical Necklace or Bracelet from Seaside Sisters

Filled with cool, quirky one-of-a-kind gifts, Seaside Sisters is your one-stop-shop for the very best Tybee takeaways. The quaint cottage shop vends original art, home décor, threads and accessories, so you’ll have no problem finding the right item, or items, to signify your trip. If you’re looking for something small for yourself or your special someone, go for any of the Sisters’ coastal necklaces or bracelets. Drape yourself in a cascade of pearls or rock a bold and beautiful sea stone. With designs from simple to statement and everything in between, the perfect naval necklace will keep your Tybee memories close to your heart.

Photo from The Crab Shack

A Cool Tee from The Crab Shack

Although it’s entirely cliché, there’s no better way to memorialize a great trip than with the purchase of a novelty t-shirt. And while the overwhelming majority of these tees are conspicuously tacky, Tybee has a diverse collection of cool coastal tees that you’ll actually want to wear. One island favorite is the Big Crab tee from The Crab Shack, the waterfront restaurant ‘where the elite eat in their bare feet.’ The comfy chouinard shirts come in a variety of visually-pleasing colors with the realistic image of Tybee’s beloved blue crab in white. The stylish tee is easy to pair and serves as a great lead into discussing your trip to Tybee with friends back home.

Photo courtesy of Fort Pulaski –

A Piece of History from Fort Pulaski

For history buffs, Fort Pulaski is one of Tybee Island’s star attractions. Make sure to commemorate your trip to the old Confederate defensive ground with a purchase from Pulaski’s gift shop. With a number of books covering everything from the Civil War to Southern cuisine, there’s a good read lying in wait for you. In addition to the literature, Fort Pulaski also has a good selection of history-themed tchotchkes like figurines, calendars and keychains to pick up for the road.

Photo courtesy of Tybee Beach Ecology Trips

A Seashell from Tybee’s Shores

The most sought-after souvenir of any island excursion is a stellar seashell found ashore. Tybee Island is teeming with oceanic life, making the beaches prime real estate to find unique and beautiful gifts of the sea. Sand dollars, shark teeth and olive, whelk and cockle shells are popular finds on the island. Tybee’s one-of-a-kind shells are great for jewelry, home décor, and DIY projects. And the most compelling aspect of shore-side souvenirs is that they’re absolutely free. So be sure to plan a relaxing beach combing session during your stay. You’re sure to find an impressive oceanic artifact to bring back from your trip.
*Please make sure that any sea life removed from Tybee’s shores is not alive. If you have doubts please take a look at this handy guide. It is a crime to remove living hermit crabs, sand dollars, starfish etc. from our beaches. 

About the Author: Chantel Baul

Chantel Baul is a Savannah native with a knack for writing and an ever-growing curiosity. She received her BA in English and Professional Communications from Armstrong State University, and when she’s not writing she’s serving the country as a US Army Reserve Officer. She’s an NPR nerd/foodie with a deep passion for all things travel, sustainable living and fun.

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