See you next week at Tybee’s 4th of July Fireworks!

A person is standing on the beach watching a fireworks display.

Tybee Fireworks Celebration takes place on July 4th and begins about a half hour after sunset.  Even though the Pier on South Beach is where all the action takes place, you can have an excellent view of the fireworks from almost anywhere on the island. Come early to make sure you get a parking spot and be prepared for a long trip home if you decide to stay off the island.  Traffic will be a bit backed up!  High tide is at 10:15 pm so make sure not to sit too close to the water’s edge as the tide will be coming in during the fireworks.

Help us keep our beautiful island clean! Pickup after events like the Tybee July 4th fireworks can be up to 30 tons of trash! Take a trash bag. Take your trash with you, or leave it in the bins by every crossover. Be kind to our ocean, the animals, and our morning crew and the Tybee Beach Clean Volunteers who help on such clean-ups, please do not leave anything on the beach!

Want to stay on Tybee the night of the Fireworks?

Follow this link for information on Where To Stay!

Georgia Fireworks Laws- 

Tybee prohibits all fireworks (even on private property) unless allowed under Ga law….which means fireworks are allowed in private property on July 3rd & July 4th… but even then, fireworks are still prohibited on the beaches, other public property and may be prohibited by various property management rental agreements.


Expediting post-fireworks exit on Tybee Island

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – If you’ve ever headed to Tybee Island for their 4th of July fireworks, then you know it can take hours to get off the island afterward.

This year, there’s a new plan in place to speed up the exit. Tybee’s beaches are where thousands will watch the annual fireworks display on Independence Day.

There is a new exit strategy in place with formulated with outside input according to City Manager Shawn Gillen.

“We sat down with the mediation with the Justice Department about coming up with objective criteria for identifying when we should do special types of controls in place on the island for some events that are sort of outside of our control: 4th of July, Orange Crush, things like that,” said Gillen.

The City of Tybee spent more than $100,000 for 700 new traffic barricades, plastic, and metal, to guide the traffic flow. The plan is to deploy the new traffic control tools in the morning on July 4th, when people arriving for a day at the beach are searching for prime parking

“Basically we’re gonna direct people to where the parking is available as quickly as possible,” Gillen said.

To expedite post-fireworks traffic flow off the island, Gillen says re-routing will begin before the fireworks light up the night sky on Independence Day.

“Just before the fireworks begin, we’ll start blocking off different streets on the south end,” he explained. “So areas south of Tybrisa Street will be directed down to Chatham Avenue to Jones Avenue and then people north of Tybrisa will be directed towards Butler and we’ll guide traffic that way.

“It’s still gonna be backed up, but there will be one lane of traffic either direction all the way to Butler Avenue, all the way to Jones Avenue.”

The city manager also shared some advice to motorists about avoiding the frustration of being one of as many as 8,000 vehicles caught up in the gridlock, waiting in line to head home, west on Highway 80.

“If you don’t have to rush off the island, I would say just go find a place to sit down and watch people or do whatever you need, maybe grab a bite to eat at some of the restaurants still open and just wait it out,” Gillen said. “Otherwise, you’re going to be sitting in your car for an hour or two as we try to get everybody off the island.”

He added that their 4th of July traffic plan was used during St. Patrick’s Day this year’s as well as the Orange Crush spring break event.

It’s the first time it’s being used on Tybee Island for the 4th of July.

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