Relax on Tybee

The sun is setting over a pier in the ocean.

How to Kick Back and Relax on Tybee

Chantel Baul

So, the irony of this past Monday is that it was National Relaxation Day. Go figure. This little-known holiday – which advocates kicking back and ignoring all those intrusive emails and work-related phone calls – tiptoes quietly past the overwhelming majority of us every year. And we didn’t stand a chance this time around; almost no one is thinking about relaxation on a Monday. But there’s good news. If you missed out on National Relaxation Day, who’s to stop you from having a relaxation makeup day of your own? Circle a date on your calendar and declare it your personal relaxation day. If you can make a trip out of it, Tybee Island is the premier destination for your self-serving holiday. Relaxation is an island pastime. The residents don’t need a calendar date to unwind because every day is relaxation day on Tybee. If you need some assistance planning your perfectly soothing day, fill your itinerary with these most relaxing activities.

Enjoy a calming beach massage.

Picture this: You on a comfortable canopy bed with translucent white linen undulating gracefully as the ocean breeze caresses your face. The crisp, saline scent of sea mixed with lemongrass and jasmine aromas providing an olfactory sensation that calms the mind. The skilled, artful hands of a well-trained masseuse carefully kneading the tension right out of your tissues. And all of this amid sand and sea on a secluded beach. Enough said. Book a session with Tybee Beach Massage and make this dream your reality.

Cast out a line into the deep blue.

For many, fishing is nearly synonymous with relaxation. And with good reason; it’s just you, the rod and all the fish in the sea. Tybee is a favored angling venue among fishermen around the world. The various marshes, rivers and waterways are inhabited by a diverse collection of species including trout, bass, shad, catfish and more. And the great Atlantic has an impressive bounty too. There are a number of piers and shore-side sites available for your fishing pleasure on Tybee, but offshore charters provide one of the best ways to up the relaxation factor on your fishing trip. Honorable mentions include Captain Amick’s Deep Sea Fishing and Crabdaddy’s River Adventures, but there’s a whole host of fishing boats ready to take you and your pole to sea.

Picnic in the park

Perfect for dates, family fun, friendly gatherings and even much-needed alone time, picnicking has become an ideal activity for relaxation. Combining two things we all love, the great outdoors and finger food favorites, a park picnic on Tybee is the perfect relaxation recipe. With pretty palms, spacious green lawns and close beach proximity, both Memorial Park and Jaycee Park are optimal venues for a nice picnic on a sunny island day. Stop by the endearing IGA Tybee Market to pick up picnic essentials, or have them deliver groceries to your rental door beforehand!

Watch the sun rise over the ocean.

It holds true that the most relaxing activities require the least. Life’s simple, unencumbered pleasures have the uncanny ability to distract us from the day-to-day problems we face. The things that fill us with awe, things that make remind us how small we are in the universe, those are the things we should seek more in this increasingly demanding life. Watching a beachside sunrise is one of the most peaceful and relaxing experiences to be had on the whole of the island. Tybee’s beaches are quiet and calm most mornings, offering you the prime opportunity to enjoy a private moment with nature. The cerulean blue sky and the mirroring sea give way to the deep red announcing the sun’s approach at the horizon. Then, the sky bursts open as orange and pink hues spread across the open-air canvas while the sun climbs to start the day. Finally it settles in place casting the soft yellow light of morning on the water. And all this to the musical roar of the ocean. Who could imagine a more relaxing moment?

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