Perseid Meteor Shower

Sand on the beach.

Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower from Tybee’s Shores this Weekend!

Looking to do something out of the ordinary this weekend? August 11-12 and August 12-13, 2017 are the peak nights of the 2017 Perseid meteor shower. Grab a blanket, snacks and your beverage of choice so you can head over to Tybee’s beach for nature’s spectacular light show. You can watch from late evening until dawn on both nights. Even though the moon will be big and bright in the night sky, it is estimated you will potentially see upwards of 40 meteors per hour.

To see the Perseid meteor shower, all you need are your naked eyes and a relatively dark spot to view from. There isn’t much light pollution on Tybee Island, making it a top spot in the area for meteor-gazing. Hopefully the clouds won’t dampen your sights, so if you catch a clear weather window, take advantage of it! Peak times for viewing are between 12 am and sun up.

Can’t stay awake for the perseid meteor shower?

Live stream it here:

photos by Josh Stewart @joshontybee

All photos by Josh Stewart @joshontybee follow his amazing work on Instagram!

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