Packing Lunch for the Beach

A blue and white cooler sitting on a beach.

Tips for Packing Lunch at the Beach

If you are taking the time to plan for a beach day on Tybee, chances are you are going to be there for the long haul. Inevitably, you will get hungry. Here are some tips for what you should pack in your cooler and bring to the beach to ensure maximum fun on a full stomach!

Not Food…

What to bring:

  • Sitting on bare sand isn’t that conducive to eating and relaxing. Be sure to bring a picnic sheet, some beach towels, blankets, or some fold-up chairs.
  • Beach umbrellas are a great way to block the sun. Secure the bottom of the umbrella or it will blow away, if it doesn’t have something to help you secure it…use wet sand or just try and pile your bags and cooler around the base.
  • Pack all your food and drinks in insulated coolers so everything doesn’t get hot and gross before you can enjoy it.

Should have secured that umbrella, buddy…

Stock up on drinks that actually rehydrate:

  • Leave all alcohol and sodas at home..Ha! Ha! just kidding, you are at the beach! But do make sure to have plenty of water on hand. Booze and soda will dehydrate you. It is imperative to make sure you drink plenty of water if you are going to spend a long day on the shore.
  • A good method to remember…One alcohol libation then drink about half a bottle of water..repeat.
  • Lemonade is a great alternative to soda.

Be sure to recycle those water bottles when you are through! 🙂

Best Beach Food:

  • Number one rule…don’t bring food that needs utensils.
  • I find that making sandwiches with pita rather than sliced bread works great. Not as soggy and tastier too.
  • Chicken and turkey are the best meats..if you don’t like meat, make a veggie pita.
  • Chips are really salty. I bring them anyways but grapes are a fantastic addition to beach snacks.
  • Helpful hint. Store food in Tupperware so it doesn’t get smooshed.

Pringles don’t get crushed like bagged chips do…

Assemble your cooler:

  • Always put your heavy food items and stuff you think you will use last on bottom.
  • I begin with water bottles on one side. Tupperware with food on the other.
  • Add ice last. It holds everything in place.
  • Get a cooler with wheels

Example of excellent beach cooler..Has wheels!

Other items to remember:

  • Baby wipes for wiping your hands and face.
  • Bags to keep your trash in.
  • Sunscreen!!!!!
  • Plastic cups. No glass on the beach.
  • Beach toys if you have kids. Nice shovel and a few buckets should do fine. Remember to keep it simple!

Oh yeah..if you can get a beach cart, you should! Great for hauling your gear and hours of entertainment for the kids.

Long days at Tybee Beach make the best summer memories and good preparation allows much smoother sailing! Don’t get too complicated… just bring some shade, some food and cold drinks, something to sit on, and a good attitude!  See you at the beach. 🙂

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