Shuck and Jive: Best Oysters on Tybee Island

oysters on tybee

Oysters are an island delicacy known for their subtle, briny flavor and their soft, plump texture. A versatile seafood item, oysters can be prepared in a variety of ways. Whether they’re raw, fried, grilled, pickled or deviled, oysters don’t disappoint. To say they’re popular here on Tybee is an understatement. Islanders are big fans of these beloved bivalves, and that’s why lots of local restaurants serve them up. If you’re wondering where you can score some flavorful oysters here on Tybee, you’re in luck. Here’s a list of several restaurants where you can find tasty, locally-sourced oysters.

AJ's Dockside

A-J’s Dockside
Overlooking Tybee’s beautiful Back River, A-J’s Dockside Restaurant is a classic harbor fish house serving up fresh-caught seafood on the daily. They boast fantastic fried oysters that can be served on their own or inside a Po Boy sandwich topped with tangy remoulade. You can also enjoy them with other items in a house salad or in a seafood pasta. However you choose to have them, you’ll definitely enjoy every bite.

Oysters - Bernies Oyster House

Bernie’s Oyster House
You know the oysters are good when they’re in the name. At Bernie’s, oysters aren’t just a great offering, they’re the main attraction. You can get them fried, raw or steamed and served by the dozen or half dozen with horseradish, cocktail sauce and crackers. They also offer a tub of oysters, so you can fill up on your favorite mollusk.

oysters tybee crab shack

The Crab Shack
The Crab Shack is a Tybee Island treasure known for some of the best seafood in the area. You can find all your seafood faves served fresh for lunch and dinner. As far as the oysters are concerned, you can order a half dozen or dozen raw. You can also order a dozen or a bucket of steamed oysters. Either way, they’ll be downright delicious.

The Deck Beach Bar & Kitchen
Tybee’s only beachfront restaurant, The Deck offers creative cuisine inspired by Australia, Coastal Mexico and Hawaii, resulting in a unique dining experience defined by bold and complex flavors. This is certainly true of the oysters. You can order them by the half dozen or a whole dozen in two ways: served raw on the half shell with champagne mignonette, atomic horseradish and lemon; or steamed with Tabasco butter, cocktail sauce and lemon. If you like intriguing flavor combinations, you’re sure to love them both.

Fannie’s on the Beach
Known for its fun, funky vibe, Fannie’s on the Beach is a quirky eatery serving up tasty food and delectable cocktails for lunch and dinner every day. It’s another great option for fresh seafood on the island. Their oysters come in a few different ways. The first is their topless oysters, which is a dozen oysters steamed on the half shell. They also have crunchy, juicy fried oysters available on their own, atop a salad, or on a Po Boy, so it’s clear that there are plenty of options for enjoying your oysters.

Stingray’s Seafood
Stingray’s Seafood is a popular locale for great food, cold beer and live music. They too have oysters worth raving about. You can have them fried on a sandwich, or order a bucket and get to shucking. They also have Gulf Coast oysters available either raw or on the shell. If you’re an oyster lover, Stingray’s is definitely a must-try.

Seawolf tybee oysters

Seawolf Tybee
This funky spot boasts being the home for oysters, dogs and fancy cocktails. Enjoy 4 different varieties on the half shell while sipping cocktails on their deck with live music. Seawolf is a new Tybee favorite with a one-of-a-kind ambiance!

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