Three women jumping into the ocean at sunset.


by @TybeeVacationRentals

Happy New Year! Are you thinking about making a list of goals and resolutions? This year, make traveling number one! Here is a quick list of travel resolutions for you to make use of this year.

Travel to A New Place

  • The possibilities are endless, you might find yourself halfway across the world, experiencing new cultures and socializing with the locals. Or you can be a tourist in your own city and venture just across the street to enjoy a nice meal at a new local restaurant. Whatever your preference, make new travel destinations a priority this year.

Be More Adventurous

  • When venturing off to a new an unfamiliar place, we tend to stay in the “touristy” areas. Sometimes, only visiting these sites can limit your ability to experience all the destination has to offer. So, this year, don’t be afraid to ditch the itinerary and venture off the beaten path. You’ll discover hidden treasures that are more captivating than the items on your travel guide!

Travel Slowly

  • Traveling slowly is a rewarding experience that allows you to soak in every single moment of your adventure. Instead of trying to pack your travel days with things to do, take a moment to relax and soak in the environment around you. Stop to sit on a bench and feed the local pigeons, find a neighborhood park and take a quiet stroll, or find a nearby beach and play in the sand. There’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to appreciate your surroundings. And whatever you don’t do on this trip, you can plan to do on the next trip!

Enjoy Every Moment Good and Bad

  • Sometimes, traveling can be a hassle! From losing luggage to misreading a map, we all have experienced some sort of travel mishap. Instead of getting worked up about little inconveniences, be patient and find the light in the situation.

Capture Your Experiences

  • This year, take more pictures and be in more pictures. Document your travels and capture one of a kind moments that you can reflect on later. Fill your camera roll with memories, then create photo albums to share. Don’t let all your photos sit in your Cloud storage, remove them to make room for more!

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