Most Instagrammable Spots on Tybee  

A picturesque wooden bridge leading to a pond at sunset, perfect for Instagram.

Most Instagrammable Spots on Tybee  

Summer is officially upon us, which means beach season is finally here. It’s time to soak up the sun and catch some waves, and Tybee is the perfect place to do just that. Summer on Savannah’s beach is spectacular, and any trip to Tybee isn’t complete without some Instagrammable photos to document the experience. There are quite a few fantastic photo-ops on our beautiful barrier isle. If you want to know where the best spots to snap a pic are on Tybee, you’re in for a treat. Visit these picture-perfect places and be the envy of all your friends and followers online.  

Tybee Island Welcome Sign 

Tybee’s welcome sign on Highway 80 has long been a favored photo-op among visitors and locals alike for more than 30 years. But the sun-bleached sign was recently upgraded by local artist Doug Bean. The new sign – depicting our pristine and serene beach – is not only beautiful, but durable and weather resistant. It’s a shining testament to the local community’s creativity, craftsmanship and commitment to preserving the island’s unique appeal and charm. The brand-new sign is definitely good fodder for your IG grid.  

Pier & Pavilion 

Our iconic Pier & Pavilion is more than an island attraction. It’s a community hub where people gather for events like festivals and concerts all throughout the year. Situated on South Beach, the pier’s leading lines provide visual interest, making for a fabulous photo that’s sure to garner a lot of likes online.  

Tybee Island Lighthouse 

Tybee’s light station is the oldest and tallest lighthouse in the state, and it’s an absolute must-see. The towering obelisk provides the perfect focal point for a captivating picture. And for one of the best views on the island, climb to the top and enjoy the breathtaking, panoramic vistas that unfold before you. It’ll take your photography game to new heights – pun intended.  

McQueen’s Island Trail 

Several years ago, tropical storms caused severe damage to the waterfront trail between Savannah and Tybee that was beloved by cyclists, hikers, and outdoorsy folks, which led to its closing. But recently, McQueen’s Island Trail has been reopened to the public. The full five-mile stretch is once again available for nature lovers who want to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Take a pic posing with a palm tree along the trail. The water provides an excellent backdrop. 

Fort Pulaski 

Fort Pulaski boasts a rich military history dating back to the 19th century. The fortified structure still stands today and is a great spot for photography. Snap pics of the fort walls, cannons and surrounding marshlands. There’s a lot to see and explore here, so tell the story through a gallery of great images.  

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