Let’s Ride: Your Guide to Biking on Tybee

biking on tybee

Tybee Island is a bucolic barrier island on the Atlantic Coast that boasts beautiful beaches, temperate weather, and a tight-knit community. Thousands flock to the scenic isle every year to take in the sights and sounds of the Atlantic coast. While you may feel inclined to drive the small island, locals will tell you the best way to experience Tybee is definitely by bike.

Stretching just three miles across, Tybee Island is very bikeable. There are several bike trails that will make you feel at one with nature as you traverse the island with the breeze running through your hair and the refreshing scents of the sea wafting to your nose.

To begin your island biking adventure, you’re going to need a bike, of course. Fortunately, there are several bike rental businesses ready to accommodate you here on Tybee. We recommend TIMS Beach Gear and Fat Tire Bikes.

TIMS Beach Gear

At TIMS, you can rent a bike for $18 for one day with prices dropping for multiple day rentals. The bikes can be ridden anywhere on Tybee including the beach. The bikes come with helmets, locks and cupholders, and you can add on a basket for a small fee. For overnight visitors, TIMS will deliver your bikes and gear to the rental house or condo that you’ll be staying at. Visit https://timsbikesbeachdiscgolf.ezrentalstore.com/ to book your beach gear.

Fat Tire Bikes

Fat Tire Bikes is “your beach cruising headquarters”, offering a wide range of rental options to help you bike Tybee in comfort and style. They have adult bikes, kid bikes, tricycles and trailers available for rent starting at just $18 for one day. Rent a bike for multiple days and pay less per day. Most rentals include a lock and cupholder. Fat Tire Bikes will deliver your rental for free as well. They don’t take reservations, so just visit them at 1403 Butler Ave., or give them a call at (912) 786-4013.

Now that you know where to get your rental, you probably want to know where to bike. You can bike essentially anywhere on the island, but if you want to see everything the island has to offer, start your ride on 2nd Ave. Tybee is such a bike-friendly town that they’ve dedicated all of 2nd Ave. to cyclists, so they can keep off of Jones St., which is busier with car traffic. The 2nd Ave. bike path runs from Butler Ave., through picturesque Memorial Park, all the way to Chatham Ave., allowing you to ride through the whole of the island. It’s definitely a must-ride path during your time on Tybee.

Another great place to bike is Jaycee Park. Spanning 8.5 acres, Jaycee Park has a lot to offer. Bike along the scenic meandering waterway and take in the natural beauty surrounding you. Then hop off the bike and enjoy a nice picnic under the park’s gazebo or on the grounds. Jaycee Park is just minutes away from the beach, so you can head there once you’re ready.

The beach is naturally one of the best places to bike on the island. You’re sure to enjoy your ride beside the Atlantic Ocean with gulls cheering you on overhead. Take a ride at sunrise or sunset to see particularly stunning beach views. No matter what time you choose to ride, just be sure that the only thing you leave behind is your tire prints. Enjoy your ride

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