How to Enjoy a Cold Day at Tybee

A flock of seagulls on the beach.

It’s really not that warm outside but don’t let that stop you from heading out to the beach! The cooler temperatures actually bring opportunities that are missed when the weather heats up. So throw on a couple extra layers and have some fun! Here’s How to Enjoy a Cold Day at Tybee!

Picture taking is incredible on a cold day because often the lighting can be sharper but with fewer shadows. The sun isn’t as high in the sky when the temperatures are cooler so pictures tend to have a crisper image.

It’s a great time to begin a seashell collection. The winter usually deposits all kinds of things on the beach that have washed up during winter storms. Many beautiful shells and driftwood pieces have been found before the height of summer while the weather is still cool. Droves of people have yet to hit the beach and all kinds of unique finds are there waiting to be discovered.

It’s a great opportunity to get inspired. The beach provides great inspiration. It’s something about the combination of smells, sounds and open land and water that really gets creative juices flowing. On a cold day, you might notice things you never saw before and be inspired in a refreshing way. The beach has a calming effect-no need to wait until the temperatures rise until you can appreciate this benefit. We live in a fast paced, multi-tasked culture. Slipping away to the beach at off times can be incredibly rewarding and inspirational.

Enjoy a Cold Day at Tybee!

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