How to Dress as a Beach Bride

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How to Dress as a Beach Bride on Tybee Island

Of course, we’re not really here to tell you how to dress for your big day, but we can give you some suggestions that will leave you infinitely more comfortable! If you are planning on tying the knot on Tybee during these looooong months of summer, you don’t want to be weighed down with a bunch of nonsense that will turn your perfect moment into a huge sweat fest. Here are some things we’ve seen some beach brides do that left them looking both radiant and practical:

1. Nix the ballgown!

If you are getting married directly on the beach this is definitely a no no. The sun is going to be beating down on you and ball gowns can be super heavy. A better idea is a silk dress or even charmeuse. The fabric is light, airy, and will flow on the ocean breezes. Trains aren’t the best idea either. Be sure to choose a dress that fits your style, but also find a one that’s appropriate for a beach.

2. What to do for your do?

We suggest leaving the veil at the bridal shop. If it’s windy it can be a potential nightmare. Same thing goes for leaving long locks hanging down. Sure it looks gorgeous right after you get ready, but what happens when you get down to the beach? Rat’s nest! We highly suggest an up do with some fresh flowers as an accessory. Beach wedding hairstyles really don’t need to be elaborate, go for something simple, fun, and spontaneous. 

3. Shoes, shoes, shoes….

When you decide to say, “I do” in the sand, consider sandals over stilettos. Have you ever actually tried to walk on the beach in heels? We have, several times, in various circumstances… Never a good idea. If sandals aren’t your thing, wedges are a good option too. Another fun idea and our personal favorite is losing the shoes all together.  Always really fun and super cute as well.

You may be the type who isn’t into risk-taking. What if the idea of bad weather, potential seagull bombs, or random beachgoers ruining your ceremony isn’t appealing at all?  What if you really want to wear a ball gown, a veil, and sparkly heels while enjoying Tybee as your picture-perfect wedding venue? Well, you can have it all at the Tybee Island Wedding Chapel. A custom-built sanctuary, grand ballroom, cocktail lounge, bridal suite, groom’s quarters and so much more. Magnificent 200-year-old oaks, towering pine trees, and a tidal creek will become your stunning backdrop…all in one location, with 8,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor usable space for you to plan your perfect dream wedding.

No matter what your wedding dreams may be like, Tybee Island is a great destination. Beach weddings are always memorable and unique, let us help you plan your special day. Find out more about Tybee Weddings.

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