Four Reasons to Visit the Tybee Island Farmers’ Market

tybee island farmers market

Four Reasons to Visit the Tybee Island Farmers’ Market

Farmers’ markets are beloved by many as a regular gathering place for fresh-picked produce and artisanal gifts. And in case you didn’t know, August 6 – 12 is National Farmers’ Market Week, an observance that is now in its 24th year. It’s a special chance to celebrate the growth and impact of farmers’ markets and their vital role in our food economy. Since there’s a whole week dedicated to these marvelous markets, we thought it would be fitting to shine some light on our very own Tybee Island farmers market. 

Every Monday from 4 to 7 p.m., the Tybee Island Farmers’ Market takes place on Meddin Drive behind the iconic lighthouse. If you’ve never been, you’re definitely missing out because there is so much to discover and enjoy. In case you need any convincing, we’ve put together an argument. Here are four reasons to visit and support our local farmers’ market.

tybee island farmers market
  1. You can enjoy quality, locally-grown produce.

The main appeal of the farmers’ market is the hand-picked, peak season produce. You can expect food that is fresh and flavorful, and more so than what you would find at the grocery store. Farmers’ market produce doesn’t sit in storage for weeks at a time or travel thousands of miles to get to you. It goes straight from the farm, directly to you. Also, when you shop at the farmers’ market, you’re buying the season’s harvest. Nutritionists say that eating food in season is healthier for you, and you can taste the difference too. 

  1. You can find unique artworks, housewares and other gifts.

In addition to the prime produce, the Tybee Island Farmers’ Market boasts a diverse range of vendors, each offering specialty products that you probably won’t find elsewhere. Shop for beautiful artworks and lovingly-made products like handcrafted birdhouses, candles, stained glass art, dog collars, handmade pottery, bath and body products, books and so much more. You’re sure to discover distinctive treasures that will make excellent gifts, if you like to start your holiday shopping early. Or you can just treat yourself. You deserve it. 

tybee island farmers market
  1. You can support local farmers and vendors.

When you shop at the Tybee Island Farmers’ Market, you’re supporting your neighbors. It keeps dollars within our community and bolsters our economy. It’s really hard for small businesses to compete with big box stores, so when you make the effort to support our local farmers and vendors, it helps them out a lot.

  1. You can do some good when you shop in August.

Our farmers’ market is all about uplifting our tight-knit community and giving back. For the month of August, all water, soda and reusable bag sales from the managers’ table will benefit the “Help Mack Kitchens Fund” to fight cancer. That’s Tybee helping Tybee. 

Here’s a bonus reason: you can get vaccines! On Aug. 14, CORE Georgia will be onsite distributing covid vaccines, and recipients can get a $50 gift card. No insurance, ID or legal documents are required, and no appointment is needed. The farmers’ market organizers care about your health, and this is one way they’re showing it. All the more reason to check the market out on Monday. 

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