Enjoy the Wonder of Water Sports this Winter on Tybee

winter water sports

The seasons are changing from fall to winter, and, accordingly, the weather is becoming cooler. Winters on Tybee Island are fairly mild, with temperatures typically ranging between 40-60 F. Still, warm, sunny days well into winter aren’t that uncommon. Because the weather is so agreeable, winter is a wonderful time to enjoy water sports on Tybee. There are many aquatic adventures to take part in during the cooler months. And since it’s the off-season, you can enjoy these Tybee Island activities without all the crowds flocking to the beach. If you want to enjoy some fun action on the Atlantic, visit these water sports outfitters this winter:

North Island Surf and Kayak

Whether you’re looking to catch some waves, go kayaking, or see the ocean from a new angle, North Island Surf and Kayak has everything you need to go on a seaside escapade this season. They offer paddle board, surf board and kayak rentals along with tours and lessons. Take a guided tour throughout Tybee’s North Island area or Little Tybee. Complete your lifelong dream of learning how to surf. Or relish in the relaxation of stand-up paddleboarding. Whatever you want to do, North Island’s staff are well equipped, capable and excited to help you explore this winter.

Tybee Jet Ski & Water Sports

Tybee Jet Ski & Water Sports offers jet skis, as the name suggests, as well as kayaking. They also provide tours for both activities. Ripping through the waters on a jet ski is the ultimate adrenaline rush. And kayaking through the scenic wonders waiting to be discovered off the Atlantic coast is peaceful and relaxing. So clearly, there’s an amazing water sports experience to be had for everyone. And, the all fun isn’t just for us humans. Tybee Jet Ski & Water Sports invites you to bring your furry friend along for the ride. They provide fresh water and treats for all pets. All the more reason to book your next island adventure soon.

East Coast Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddle boarding is a great way to get up-close and personal with nature. It’s just you, your paddle board, and the ocean. If you’d like to experience this immersive tranquility, head over to East Coast Paddleboarding. They offer rentals, tours and lessons, ensuring a fun and memorable encounter with the Atlantic. Stand-up paddleboarding provides a new perspective of the ocean, and you might even come across some playful dolphins along the way. If this sounds like a good time to you, make your way to East Coast Paddleboarding this winter.

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