Enjoy Great Bands and Good Vibes at the 2023 Tybee Post Theater Music Festival

A group of people standing in front of a stage at an outdoor festival.

Enjoy Great Bands and Good Vibes at the 2023 Tybee Post Theater Music Festival

The island’s entertainment epicenter, Tybee Post Theater is gearing up to host the second annual Tybee Post Music Festival, which will take place Saturday, Nov. 4 just outside Hotel Tybee. Featuring local, regional and national acts spanning a wide variety of genres, the music fest presents an exciting opportunity to jam out against the backdrop of Tybee’s pristine beach environment. From 11 a.m. into the evening, festival goers can enjoy a nonstop series of electrifying live performances that are sure to get you out of your beach chair and on your feet dancing all day long. 

The festival was born last year after organizers at the Tybee Post Theater took time to reevaluate their fundraising efforts coming out of the pandemic. 

A group of people standing in front of a stage at an outdoor festival.

“Prior to COVID, the Tybee Post Theater was doing the Tybee Wine Festival as their big annual fundraiser,” said Evan Goetz, the Post’s executive director. “Obviously COVID stopped all of that for quite a few years. And during that respite time of not doing anything, the theater and the board evaluated what the benefits are of a wine festival. Is that part of our mission? Do we need to continue those things? Did it help us actually raise funds or not?”

Ultimately the Post decided to move in a different direction and host a fundraiser that was more aligned with their mission and what the theater is known for, and a major part of that is music.

“We’re in the business of entertainment, so let’s do something [related to] entertainment. That’s how the music festival idea was born, and we knew we wanted it to be beyond the four walls of our physical space. We wanted to go into the community and do something a little bit different and more far-reaching,” said Goetz.

Last year’s inaugural event proved successful, and this year is slated to be just as good, if not even better. Goetz said the festival organizers worked to put together a diverse lineup featuring different genres with something for everyone.

“Those genres mirror what we do at the theater. It’s a very eclectic mix. One weekend you can see ‘80s metal. The next weekend, you could see something jazz-related. So we wanted to celebrate music in general. We didn’t want to lean into a specific genre,” he explained. “The headliners happen to be hard rock, or that ‘90s alternative rock feel, with the Spin Doctors and Everclear . . . but the rest of the lineup really features a huge array. There’s a little bit of Latin flair. There’s a little bit of Nirvana. There’s some gypsy jazz with Acoustic Office. There’s country involved, so there really is a big mix of music.”

The music fest features two stages: a local stage where acts like Justin Vreeland, Eric Jones Trio and Lyn Avenue, among others, will play and a main stage featuring beloved bands like The Fabulous Equinox Orchestra, The Nth Power and Keller Williams will perform. 

While the fest features a few acts from around the country, Goetz is proud to provide a platform for local talent.

“It’s awesome that Tybee is able to showcase . . . these local bands. It’s really important to support these local artists who are playing in bars and restaurants, who are doing this for fun, but it’s also part of their income. It’s part of the gig economy. So for me, it’s really great that we can support these people,” he expressed.

Goetz encourages the public to come out and attend this year’s music festival to enjoy great music while supporting a fixture of the island community. 

“The music festival is definitely a big vibe of just being together. . . just being outside, smelling the ocean breeze, and being together, dancing, experiencing awesome music. This year we’ve got some vendors that are related to the genres of music. There’s a little punk, a little rock. We’ve got three food trucks. There’s wine and beer and sodas, too,” he said. “But truly, it’s just an atmosphere [where you can] forget everything that’s plaguing your daily life and just come out and have so much fun. That’s really what the Tybee Post Theater is about. Our slogan is ‘the fun begins here,’ so we just want to have fun.”

The Tybee Post Theater is a nonprofit organization that relies on community support to fulfill its mission and keep the doors open. The Tybee Post Music Festival is an excellent opportunity to show your support while having fun. Tickets are available for purchase online and VIP tickets and sponsorships are available. Visit tybeeposttheater.org/musicfest23 to learn more. 

Enjoy Great Bands and Good Vibes at the 2023 Tybee Post Theater Music Festival

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