End of Summer Fun

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4 Things to Do on Tybee Island before the End of Summer

End of Summer Fun by Chantel Baul

The start of the school year marks the end of summer for students around the country. But unless you’re pursuing post-secondary education, that probably has nothing to do with you. September 22 marks the first day of fall, which means there’s still nearly two months of summer fun to enjoy. Whether you’re planning a late summer vacation, or a stay-cation, Tybee boasts a host of fresh, riveting experiences to be had this season. Don’t let the sun set on your summer without taking full advantage of these Tybee activities.

Take a Sunset Tour at the Tybee Island Lighthouse

What better way to say adieu to summer than with a stunning sunset tour at the Tybee Island Lighthouse? Picture yourself at the lighthouse peak watching the sky and the reflecting waters shift in hue as the sun dips below horizon. This most romantic, tranquil and beautiful island experience is one of the best ways to complete your summer stay. Tybee’s knowledgeable lighthouse guides are hosting a 90-minute tour for small groups, the grand finale of which is an evening ascent to the lighthouse apex to witness a spectacular island sunset. The two remaining tour dates for the both the season and the year are August 19 and September 2. So be sure to make your reservation soon before the last openings fill up.

Camp Overnight on Little Tybee

Little Tybee is Tybee Island’s untouched neighbor. Adventurers and nature-lovers alike should plan an overnight stay on the pristine isle as an end-of-summer imperative. Little Tybee is a floating haven for rare bird species and a host of aquatic and amphibious wildlife. There are no hotels, restaurants or other manmade intrusions to obscure the island’s harmonious, organic appeal. It’s just you, the sea and the stars – and of course the animals that dwell there. Little Tybee is only accessible by boat, but there are a number of local charter services that provide regular transportation. And bold campers can rent a kayak overnight from any of Tybee’s watersport outfitters as well.

Join Rangers at Fort Pulaski for their Centennial Series

This year, the National Park Service turned the big ‘one-double-o’. And in celebration of this all-important birthday, Fort Pulaski has been hosting its Centennial Series as an initiative to get people up, active and enjoying Tybee’s beloved national monument. Fortunately, the series continues through December; however, there are only two events left for summer – and you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the park fun. Pulaski’s Centennial Series highlights both the natural beauty and important history of coastal Georgia. Look forward to a wetlands walk on August 21 and a kayaking excursion through Tybee’s surrounding waterways on September 18.

See a Show at Tybee Post Theater

If you haven’t yet been dazzled by a stellar performance at Tybee Post Theater, then it’s time to add it to your end-of-summer bucket list. Originally established in 1930 as a film house for Fort Screven soldiers, the Tybee Post Theater stands today as a testament to history, entertainment and Tybee Island pride. Everything from blockbuster hits and live concerts to touring dramas and standup comedy have enlivened Tybee’s theatre halls. And there’s no shortage of worthy shows coming to the stage this summer. The Savannah Songwriter Series and Tybee City Limits are local favorites to look forward to. Be sure to check out the theater’s event calendar for the full run-down and purchase your tickets before they run out. Although summer is coming to an end, Tybee Post Theater knows, the show must go on.

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