East of the Lazaretto Arts & Crafts Sale-February 1-2, 2020

East of the lazareto arts and crafts sale.

East of the Lazaretto Arts & Crafts Sale Begins 2nd Year

The Tybee Tourist is pleased to announce continuing sponsorship of ‘East of the Lazaretto’, an Arts &
Crafts Sale developed for local artists on Tybee Island, GA. The event takes place at Burton 4-H Center,
February 1-2, 2020, and was created as a new venue for local and area artists, craftsmen and related
businesses during 2019. It also serves as an arts-related activity for Tybee Island residents and many of
Tybee Island’s visitors. The ‘East of the Lazaretto’ offers other sale dates throughout the year, so please
watch out for them.

Art Sale Director, Bill Bernzott, who also owns The Tybee Tourist, has worked with the arts on Tybee
Island for more than six years now. Bernzott is pleased to bring the event to Tybee Island. He, with help
from his wife, Sarah, set out working this time last year with local art friends to create a new and viable
local arts and crafts sale. Last year’s event also coincided with the Tybee Island Critz Run, which has
historically been the date of Tybee’s first art show of the year. Last year’s event was extremely
successful for the Tybee Island community and for local artists selling their wares. East of the Lazaretto
Arts & Crafts Sales is expected to continue this success, as the shows continue to grow from event to

According to Bernzott, “We are excited to continue the tradition of having an art show during the Critz Run
weekend on Tybee Island. The runners and their families have always enjoyed local art shows and have
helped make them a success for local artists.” Bernzott feels that an arts and crafts sale such as this is
important for several reasons. First, local artists have limited local sales venues throughout the year,
Participants have also seen great success with sales at previous shows during this time each year.
Bernzott also shares, “Tybee locals, area citizens, and visitors enjoy the opportunity to view and purchase
local art.” In fact, many area residents and artists within a 50-mile radius attend and participate in art
sales on Tybee Island, along with Tybee Island’s many visitors.

East of the Lazaretto Arts & Crafts Sale will be held at the cafeteria at Burton 4-H Center (9 Lewis
Avenue), Tybee Island. The 4-H Center is easily accessed by following 6th Street from Butler Avenue.
There is ample FREE parking, handicapped access and climate control. Like the rest of Tybee Island, the
4-H Center is unique and provides an excellent venue for the upcoming event.

East of the Lazaretto’s hours will be:

  • Saturday, February 1, 2019 – 11:00 AM – 6 PM
  • Sunday, February 2, 2019 – 11:00 AM – 5PM

There will be a number of artists familiar to area residents. There will also be a number of new artists,
choosing Tybee Island as a venue for the first time. In addition, there will be live music off and on
throughout the weekend and opportunities to create your own unique piece of art to take home.(???)
Art Sales held during this weekend have always been very successful. The artists, the locals and the
visitors enjoy shopping, seeing old friends, chatting, and learning the unique history of each artist’s
artwork. The Tybee Tourist and ‘East of the Lazaretto’ artists look forward to seeing you there.

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