Dogs on the Beach?

A white and brown dog jumping on the beach.

One of the frequent complaints we hear about Tybee Island is that there is no place on the beach for dogs to play.  At the current time, dogs are not allowed anywhere on Tybee’s beach and violators are subject to a $290 fine plus court cost for the first offense. There are two dog parks located on the island, but many dog owners would like to include their pups on a fun filled day on the shore line.

Most dogs absolutely enjoy romping on the beach and dog owners love to give their four legged friends a chance  to run across the sand, splash in waves, and socialize with other people and animals. However, opponents soundly argue that unruly canines can attack each other, children and older residents; spread contagions like hookworm and ringworm; and dig up fragile nests of endangered sea turtles. There are also worries that some dog owners will leave their dogs unattended, not pick up after them, and allow their dogs to indulge in inappropriate behavior.

Savannahian, Robert Tucker has recently begun a petition that calls for dogs to be allowed on a section of Tybee’s beach. He states that by having a dog friendly beach area, revenue for the City of Tybee could potentially increase by having dog friendly events, and by offering daily and annual dog passes. It would also be much more convenient for residents of Chatham County who would no longer have to drive to Hilton Head Island so their companions can enjoy a beach day too.

Should there be a Tybee Dog Beach on a certain section of the island? Where do you stand on this issue? We would love to know. Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section.

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