Construction Begins for new Marine Science Center Site on Tybee Island

A series of drawings of a building with a roof.

Construction Begins for new Marine Science Center Site on Tybee Island

by City of Tybee

Tybee Island, Ga. – (January 14, 2018) Effective immediately, the City of Tybee Island will begin construction at the site for the new Tybee Island Marine Science Center in the north beach area parking lot off Meddin Ave. The building location will be north of the parking lot, and the public can expect the north end of the lot along with the northern-most beach crossover to be closed during this project. Safety fencing and signage will be installed to keep the area enclosed. Between 30 and 40 parking spaces are expected to be unavailable as a result.

The City will be working with the contractor, West Construction, to ensure impacts of construction are kept to the minimum possible in order not to inconvenience visitors, businesses, and organizations that provide cultural experiences in that area.

The north beach area was selected after several previous studies and research as the best location for the new center. Most recently, an ad hoc committee was authorized by City Council to help oversee the project plans which has been meeting since March of 2018. Maria Procopio, Director of the center, said, “Tybee Island acts as the gateway to the Atlantic for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. This expanded facility will enable the science center to capture more of those visitors to educate and cultivate responsible stewardship.” Board President Cathy Sakas added, “The center’s board of directors have been working on attaining a larger facility for over ten years and are grateful to the City of Tybee Island for standing behind the project and adding value to the beach experience.”

The current Marine Science Center at the base of the ramp to the Parker Pier and Pavilion on the island’s south end will continue in operation until they are able to move into the new facility. The old building will then be used by the City for services needed closer to the south beach area. The final use has yet to be determined.

Elevation drawings of the new building are shown here. In addition, the last presentation to the City’s Planning Commission was made on November 17, 2017, and that document, which includes more detail and conceptual drawings, can be downloaded from the web at CLICK HERE

Construction is estimated to complete in February of 2020. Move in will finish about a month later, with the building opening to the public as soon as possible after.

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