Chairs for Charity

A group of colorful painted chairs in a grassy area.

Chairs for Charity to be held

May 1 on Tybee

Loggerhead turtles, groovy colors, and flowers are popping up as 18 Tybee artists get creative by painting chairs to benefit Tybee’s Rising TYde Food Pantry. The “Chairs for Charity” auction is a collaboration of artists from four Tybee art galleries: Gallery 80 on Tybee, The Irritable Pelican Artisan Gallery, Tybee Cottage Art Gallery, and soon to open gallery – Tybee Art Emporium. Admission is free, with donations of canned goods invited.

The event will be held Saturday, May 1 at The Guard House, 31 Van Horne Ave. on Tybee, from 4-7 p.m. Also featured in the auction will be gift certificates from restaurants, and gift baskets from local businesses.

To be a sponsor for the auction or to donate items for sale, please contact Sarah Bernzott at The Irritable Pelican Artisan Gallery, Kelly Swope at Kelly & Company, or Liz Hood at the Tybee Visitor Center.

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