Captain Judy Fishing Report – Right Whales Need Our Help!

A humpback whale with its mouth open in the water.

Little Miss Judy Believe It Or Not! Right Whale Alert!

Tips to be in know!

This is picture that I took a few years ago…the gannets are hovering and a whale is to the right under the surface…not a good picture…but I remember this like it was yesterday…(the birds are hovering right over the whale) the birds know that when whales are making way their swaying large tail disturbs the bottom sediments as well as small marine creatures. The tuber lance pushes sediments and small marine creatures towards the surface and into the upper water column providing a target-rich environment for the birds. Gannets also known as sea turkeys and smaller seabirds all partake in this feeding frenzy! When a whale is moving it makes a whale’s tail wake, which we sometimes refer to as “whale trails.” These trails are lined with an oily sheen, which definitely has a calming effect on the waters behind them. It looks like leftover oils from a fish kill, which have floated to the surface. I know you know all of this, but back in the day oils from the right whale were used to calm the sea conditions around the vessels. While cutting the whale up the vessels doing so found themselves in completely calm sea conditions no matter what. While those ships hunting with no whale kill were still encountering rough sea conditions. As you most likely already know the right what got it name because after it was killed it floated up to the surface, due to it oils spilling out from their large amounts of blubber. Maybe a right whale seeps oil from its skin as it moves about… I know this is all crazy, but the whales have been part of my life for a long time…and these crazy thoughts just keep coming out….My father was quite a rascal as you know from reading my stories about him, which are also true. However, he loved the sea and those that were in it. I learned a lot from him…and as you know drinking in his case might have been always involved!!

Right Whales Need Our Help!! Right whale with its head out of the water while taking a 360 degree look see!! I have a theory about why the whales do this thing and it might sound like something right out of a fairy tale book. Since an average adult whale grows to about 60 feet long and this sticking the head out of the water normally takes place in about 35 feet of water it’s my opinion ….That the whale is placing its tail on the bottom while either resting or just really taking a look around. I have seen this so many times in this depth of water that this is my story and I am sticking to it!! Report sightings of dead, injured, or entangled whales: 1-877-942-5343 or to the USCG via Channel 16

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