Beating Beach Boredom

A group of people walking down the beach with a stroller.

Beating Beach Boredom

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear the sounds of waves crashing along a shore line, to be sipping a cocktail when the sun sets, and feeling the cool sand in between your toes? Put yourself right there. Nice, isn’t it? You can almost smell the salt air, right?

Awesome! This is so much fun!

Now imagine your children there with you. Is it still peaceful and relaxing? Probably not. What sounds like a great time to us grown ups can get really boring for kids…really fast.  Vacationing at the beach with the children can be a wonderful experience where you can make memories that will last a lifetime but it can also escalate into a frenzy of tears and frustration that will make you think, was this really worth it?

Terrible idea!!!

The best way to avoid total meltdowns is to be be prepared. Stock up on stuff like kites (cheap ones), magnetic puzzles, coloring books, sand toys, boogie boards, and remember..never, ever let them bring their Nintendo DS or IPod or any type of electrical toy to the beach. It will get sand in it. It will get ruined and you will hear about it for the rest of your trip. Tell them to leave them in the house, hotel, or wherever you’re staying.

Watching children navigate cobblestones on River Street is always a treat.

Try a day trip into Savannah! A change of scenery will help kids keep their cool. Savannah is only a 20 minute drive from Tybee and has all types of fun activities for the entire family. You can take a trolley tour, visit various historic sites, stroll down River Street, the possibilities are almost limitless. Here’s a link to website that will give you a better idea of what to expect from Savannah, let’s get back to the beach! Savannah Stuff

Look! He’s smiling!

While at the beach you are going to want to relax for awhile in the sun. Your kids will not. This is why it is imperative to buy them floats for the ocean. Personally, I always go for boogie boards because the floats pop within a few hours but, your choice. Kids love playing in the waves and as long as they can swim and you or another responsible adult is keeping watch, throwing them something that floats and telling them to go play in the waves is perfectly acceptable.

She’s just asking for it… (actually those types of jellies really don’t sting)

Eventually it is going to happen. Someone will get stung by a jellyfish. I have personally been getting stung by jellyfish for around 30 some odd years now. Let me tell you what actually relieves the pain. The first thing you should do is to wash the affected area with ocean water not freshwater. The fresh water will make it hurt worse, I promise. Salt water will deactivate the stinging cells while fresh or tap water can reactive the stinging cells. I find that baking soda works great with taking the stinginess away and highly suggest you pack some in your beach bag. Just smear some on the wound and then give your child a soda. Any type of sugary beverage or even candy seems to make kids stop crying too. Some people claim that peeing on a jellyfish sting relieves the pain. I have found that this doesn’t work and only makes you look deranged.

He may have misjudged that jump…

Dolphin Tours are a big hit with young beach vacationers and luckily Tybee has a couple to choose from! Watching dolphins play in their natural environment is an event you won’t forget. These marine mammals always look like they are smiling and literally will swim right up to the boats. It is pretty spectacular to watch them play in the wake, leap from the water, race the’s awesome. You’ll love it.  Dolphin Tours

Just some of the finds from a Tybee Beach Ecology Trip with Dr. Joe!

Tybee has its fair share of cultural activities. There’s Fort Pulaski, The Lighthouse, and The Marine Science Center just to name a few. You can also go on a Beach Ecology Trip with Dr. Joe. This is the best way to learn about marine life on Tybee Island. Kids can find shark teeth, explore tide pools, collect live specimens, and much more. Here’s a link to his site if you want to find out more: Tybee Beach Ecology Trip   What I find particularly effective is to break the day up. Spend the mornings at the beach before it gets too hot (remember sunscreen!!!!) and then do some fun activities after lunch. Speaking of lunch….

Excellent service, amazing views, and a nice little kid’s menu too!

Many children do not like to try new food. Many children will act like you are trying to poison them when you offer them a shrimp or oyster. Dining out can turn into a catastrophe if you can’t please the picky eaters. I know that we are supposed to encourage children to try new things but you’re on vacation. Why fight? Find a restaurant beforehand that will cater to Junior’s special dietary needs. I suggest The Crab Shack, Coco’s Sunset Grill, and Huc-a-Poos for kid friendly dining enjoyment… Tybee Restaurants

Hush..Mommy needs to finish her cocktail…

Don’t forget that when travelling with children a good way to ensure a little grown up relaxation time is bribery. That’s right, simple bribery. Tybee has all types of little inexpensive beach stores, ice cream, and sweet shops. Don’t be afraid to use this to your advantage. A child with an ice cream cone in his/her mouth is child that is not whining…..

Featured Image from Toovia

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