5 Ways to Get Active on Tybee

Two women doing push ups on the beach, getting active on Tybee.

5 Ways to Get Active on Tybee

The start of the new year is an opportunity to set goals and plan for the future, and for many of us, that goal-setting often includes health. Many new year’s resolutions revolve around health and wellness, with multitudes committing themselves to workout regimens, improved diets, and other positive lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, most of these goals are abandoned by February, so while we’re still in January, take this blog post as the boost of encouragement you need to stick to your goals for a healthier, happier you in 2024. Tybee is teeming with opportunities to get active from the shores to the streets. If fitness is among your top priorities this year, take advantage of these exciting ways to get active on Tybee. 

Two bicycles leaning against a path near the ocean.
  1. Bike the island.

Measuring about 3 square miles, Tybee boasts a very bikeable beach community. With mild weather year-round, anytime is the right time to bike through our beautiful barrier isle. Rent a bike from Fat Tire Bikes or Tim’s Beach Gear and take it for a ride. Though the island is relatively small, it presents several paths that are perfect for biking. Ride along the beach or navigate through our charming streets. Bike around Jaycee Park or coast through our scenic trails. McQueen’s Island Trail offers a five-mile stretch of breathtaking marsh views along the meandering Savannah River. It’s definitely a ride you won’t soon forget.

A gym with a lot of machines and weights.
  1. Work it out at the Y.

If you’re a member of the YMCA, you’ll be glad to know Tybee has its own location where you can get a good workout in while you’re vacationing. The Tybee Island YMCA facility includes a well-stocked fitness center, an aerobics room and a basketball gym among other exciting amenities. They also offer a variety of group classes to get your blood pumping in the company of other fitness buffs. Whatever your goals are, a realm of exciting exercise possibilities await you at the Y. 

  1. Kayak along the coast.

Kayaking isn’t just an immersive natural encounter; it’s a great upper body workout. You’re more likely to stay committed to your workout regimen if you enjoy it, and kayaking is a great way to combine fitness and fun. North Island Surf and Kayak is one of the island’s premier watersports outfitters ready to serve you with rentals, lessons and tours. Plan a day on the coast and tone up those arms while you make your way through our picturesque waterways. You’re sure to have so much fun that you’ll forget you’re burning calories — although you might feel it the next morning!

A group of women posing for a photo on the beach.
  1. Stretch beyond your limits with yoga.

Yoga is a time-honored practice that restores the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a great way to align yourself while also improving your flexibility, which should be a pillar of your exercise regimen. Tybee Yoga and Healing Arts is the island’s go-to for yoga classes. Their well-trained team of instructors offers a variety of classes to include a monthly full-moon yoga class along with other periodic community classes. They also offer corporate and bachelorette classes for groups. Whether you want to practice indoors or outdoors, these yogis will come to you, helping you to stabilize, strengthen and stretch with every pose. 

An older couple jogging on the beach.
  1. Take a stroll or enjoy a jog on the beach.

Some of the best workouts are the most simple ones. A stroll or jog on the beach is always a great way to get active while taking in the beauty of the Georgia coastline. A brisk walk will do the trick, but for a more intense workout, go for a run. Running on the beach has its benefits. The sand provides more resistance than a hard surface, which requires more effort from your muscles, in turn burning more calories. The sand is also easier on your joints, providing a lower-impact alternative to typical running on a treadmill or paved road. Just one of many things to love about the beach!

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